The Cards!!!!

Man I’m so excited about the Cardinals this year. We came off a pretty good season last year and only a better hope for the team this year. You know we picked up some very good players out free agency and made some other good signings out of the draft. I’m just super excited. I feel that this team is reminiscent of those dominant Yankee teams back in the late 90s.

AlbertJimmy1Of course I still wish my boy Jim Edmonds was on the team. And my other boy Albert Pujols. But you know that’s the way life is. It’s all a game. Gotta make that money when you can. Because the next thing you know you wake up in boom it’s all gone.

I’m really excited for this Brandon Moss. You know you had a real strong showing last year and I feel that is only can up his game. Pretty sure, and y’all can quote me on this, these can be leading the team in home runs at the end of the year.

I definitely hope that is going to be in the running for the MVP race. Course that means things are going to be going really well for us.

Of course I’m also excited to spend time with the other members of the Redbird nation. They’re my boys and it’s always great to get together for the games and tailgate and just have a blast. Really pumped for this upcoming season. Look forward to share my thoughts with y’all. Peace love and respect