first loss

Are its opening day didn’t go quite as we had planned. We ended up losing by the score of 4 to 1 to Pittsburgh. I think the pivotal moment in the game was in the second inning when Wainwright gave up two runs. Our offenses wasn’t clicking either.

As a team we only had five hits the whole game. You know that’s not to get the job done. Especially when our only run that we scored was in garbage time in the ninth-inning.

And on one thing that really bothered me about this game is I didn’t see much heart from the players. Expected that they’d come out with a fiery passion, especially given all the anticipated hope that we have come into the season. You know what, I just simply didn’t see it.

The good thing is that there’s still hundred and 61 games left in the year. We did see some promise at a Benjie Molina. He ended up with two hits and a walk in his four at-bats. I’ll take a 750 on-base percentage.

I expected a lot better of a game from Holiday. You know for what were paying him, we should get a lot more production then 1 for 3.