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Man, tonight’s game had to be one of them was boring games in major league baseball history. Between the Rangers and the Cardinals, there were only nine hits and one run between the teams. I’m in I guess they could be a testament to the great pitching that happened, but man that was boring as… Read Article →

Did you guys see that cat that ran onto the field last week?? How hilarious was that? SBNation actually did a hilarious write-up about how the Cardinals do great in games where animals run onto the field. That was absolutely hilarious. That umpire was screwing us over all game so I really did hope that… Read Article →

Oh my God the Cardinals had one hell of a game yesterday. They ended up beating the Philadelphia Phillies by a score of 10 to 3. My boy Wainwright came up big. In addition the pitching eight solid innings, Wainwright had a nice two run home run. Not that is a production I love to… Read Article →

Are its opening day didn’t go quite as we had planned. We ended up losing by the score of 4 to 1 to Pittsburgh. I think the pivotal moment in the game was in the second inning when Wainwright gave up two runs. Our offenses wasn’t clicking either. As a team we only had five… Read Article →

We got the first game of the season starting tomorrow. Opening day is always my favorite day of the year. There’s always so much hope and anticipation going into the upcoming season, it’s always so contagious the atmosphere. The cards are starting off the season against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Those cats had a really good… Read Article →

Man I’m so excited about the Cardinals this year. We came off a pretty good season last year and only a better hope for the team this year. You know we picked up some very good players out free agency and made some other good signings out of the draft. I’m just super excited. I… Read Article →

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