Did you guys see that cat that ran onto the field last week?? How hilarious was that?

SBNation actually did a hilarious write-up about how the Cardinals do great in games where animals run onto the field.

That was absolutely hilarious. That umpire was screwing us over all game so I really did hope that you got sprayed.

And then there’s a time at the animal encounter happen when the Cincinnati Reds had a penguin throughout the first ceremonial pitch. There was such a ridiculous moment in baseball history.

And then of course there is always the squirrels that seem to be running onto the field. I know what it is about squirrels loving baseball, but they should really be included into the seventh-inning stretch song. At this part there pretty much as a stable as crackerjack and hot dogs are.

But of course, the last display of an animal running onto the field was a kitten. On either going to be able to contain all these animals I keep running onto the field. As part of a joke, kind of, maybe, I heard that a company, Best Dog Crates and Beds, donated a dog crate to the Cardinals in order to contain future animals. I thought that was hilarious haha!

Time for a side note: for those of you that don’t have a dog crate at home, what are you doing!!! You need a dog crate. They’re by far the best thing that you can have for your dog. They don’t have to be an intimidating dog cage, but a simple metal dog crate is one of the best things that you can buy. You’ll be able to train your dog so much easier in one, it’s ridiculous. When I got my dog Dan, he was peeing all over the place. It took 3 weeks to crate train him, but it was well worth it. I got a large dog crate because I knew he was going to grow – and boy did he ever! He still loves his dog crate and uses it every day. Heck, sometimes I like to lay in his dog crate with him. It smells like dog in there and I love it.


I really wonder what the next animal that’s going to show up is going to be. Will be a lion? Will it be a tiger? Will it be an elephant? Will it be a bear?

Hopefully none of the above ha ha